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God’s grace, mercy and peace!

While we continue in this strange new reality we still have so much to thank God for. We are very thankful for all who were able to join us for our first live-streamed Sunday Worship Service. Hundreds of people were able to join us live through our website, Facebook, and YouTube and many more watched it later, including people from across the country! While we could not physically be together, we remember we are united in Christ!  We are still one family worshiping together. 

We also invite you to expand that family by inviting your friends and family members to “join” us in worship; we have both heard some incredible stories of former church members and family members of our church family joining us from all over the country! God is working in the midst of all of this to extend our reach! 

We want to thank so many of you who continue to support our church through offerings. Many of you have continued to mail your tithes or physically drop them off at our school’s drop box, as well as many of you who have now switched to using our online giving program Give+ (available on our website or as a downloadable App). We thank God for your faithfulness and His provision!

As a reminder, here is our schedule of virtual events at Christ Brea:

Monday-Saturday 12pm – Bible Study with Pastor Eric through the book of Matthew (live-streamed on Facebook and available at www.christbrea.com)

Wednesdays 7pm – Midweek Lenten Vesper Service (live streamed on Facebook and christbrea.com)

Saturdays 8am – Men’s Bible Study (virtual meeting through Zoom, if you would like to join please contact Brian Ilten)

Sundays 9am – Worship (live streamed on Facebook and christbrea.com)

Sundays 10am – Pastor Pat and Pastor Eric lead Bible Study (live streamed on Facebook and our Website)

Also, we have many volunteers who are ready and waiting to help in any way they can.  So if you know someone who needs shopping or other help, please let us know through by calling the church office at (714) 529-2984 or by emailing either of your pastors: phauser@christbrea.com or eclausen@christbrea.com.  You can also email your prayer requests directly to prayers@christbrea.com.

All of this is very different, and in some ways jarring and scary. But we are Resurrection people, and that means we have hope even when things are the most uncertain and when things are the darkest. We hope each one of us can show that Hope to our families, our co-workers, our neighborhoods, and to the whole world.

Jesus said, “In this world you will have trouble, but take heart, I have overcome the world.”


God’s Peace,


Pastor Pat and Pastor Eric


Patrick Hauser and Eric Clausen, Pastors

Christ Lutheran Church and School

Brea, CA


Letter from the Pastors

To Our Christ Lutheran Family,

If you are watching the news at all, you well know that a lot has changed in the (less than) 24 hours since you last received a congregation-wide communication! One thing that has not changed is the fact that we are not without hope, and that we remain reliant on God’s provision, the Holy Spirit’s guidance, and Christ’s promise of salvation, a gift given of the Father’s abundant grace and mercy.

We are blessed with incredible lay leaders here, as well so as many people that have stepped up to volunteer their time and talents in order that we might be able to provide you a meaningful worship experience, Bible study, and flow of information in an “online” format. As was previously communicated, our church and school are moving forward, together, in an effort to do God’s will while at the same time exercising an abundance of caution and sanctified common sense.

Our teachers are now delivering meaningful instruction to our students utilizing an online platform; our caring ministries have formulated plans to modify the way they deliver services to our members and our community; we have set up and held board meetings in a “virtual” setting; and our Board of Elders and pastors are working prayerfully and diligently to make decisions that still avail our flock to the Word of God while at the same time operating within sensible guidelines as to not put those that are more vulnerable to this virus at any greater risk than necessary.

Several members have volunteered to do grocery shopping and run errands for members that do not feel comfortable or are incapable of doing so. Our list presently includes the following volunteers; if you’d like to be added to this list please call the church office and we’ll get your name out there. Call one of the following if you need help with groceries or errands:

•             America Hernandez – (562) 335-9110

•             Michael Hernandez – (562) 236-6848

•             Linda Kuehl – (818) 292-2170

•             Maaka Nua – (714) 482-8886

•             Robin Nua – (714) 482-8885

•             Katie Burnett – (714) 319-9329

•             Andrea Pecora – (714) 345-4589

•             Laurie Ledbetter – (714) 296-3232

In yesterday’s email we reminded you of those activities that have been cancelled or postponed, however we are pleased to tell you that we have been working diligently at delivering as much as we can online. Although nearly all of our “face to face” activities will be cancelled for at least the next two weeks, due to the hard work of many volunteers and staff members going above the call of duty, we will be blessed to share the following as a church family during that time, at the close of which we will reassess and make decisions utilizing information available:

•             Wednesday evening Lenten vesper services will be “live streamed” via a link on our church website and on our church Facebook page at 7 pm starting tonight;

•             Wednesday women’s Bible study will be recorded by Pastor Eric and will be available on the church website;

•             Saturday morning men’s Bible study will be recorded by Pastor Pat and will be available on the church website;

•             Confirmation class is being recorded and will be available on the church website;

•             High school and middle school youth activities will be available on the church website.

Sunday Morning Worship and Bible Study

We will live stream one Sunday morning worship service at 9 am via the church website and the church’s Facebook page. Immediately following that worship service, Pastor Eric and Pastor Pat will facilitate a live Bible study that will be based on that week’s passages from Matthew’s Gospel given in our Lenten reading plan. These can both be accessed by clicking the “Live Stream” tab on the opening page of the church website: www.christbrea.com. Both the service and the Bible study will be recorded and available later via the church website. Check your email and our church website frequently for updated information and online resources.

In the midst of all of this uncertainty, we do need to consider our giving. Financial giving and stewardship is about tending what God has entrusted to us, and giving back of our time, talents and treasures in grateful response to God’s blessings.  This even includes times of distress and uncertainty. It’s at times like these that we show in whom and what we truly trust. This is also the time that the church can have the greatest impact. Please continue to give, that Christ Brea can continue to minister to our church family and our community. 

On March 8 we challenged ourselves to consider our giving. Originally we scheduled a “Giving Sunday” on March 22; that will be postponed for now, but you are still able to mail in your pledge cards. Still more than ever we need to step up. “Every one of you must give as you are able, according to the blessing of the LORD your God that he has given you.” Online giving is an excellent way to make sure the church can keep coming smoothly in this hard time. You can get your account set up in a matter of minutes by going to the “Giving” link on the church website. You can also enroll in GivePlus via an app for your phone; go to your phone’s “App Store” and search “GivePlus.” You can be up and running in a matter of minutes. You can visit our website Christbrea.com for more information, or contact Jeff Radke at jeffradke1@gmail.com.

Please continue to pray hard for our national, state, and local leaders, and for your leadership here, for the church universal, and for those adversely affected by this crisis. If you need us, the pastors can be reached via the church office at (714) 529-2984, or via email: phauser@christbrea.com or eclausen@christbrea.com. You may also call upon your assigned elder at any time; if you need a contact for your elder contact our Head Elder Mike Sander at michael.sander@tarkett.com. 

Again, in the midst of all of this uncertainty, be still and know that God is in charge. We know that He can and will work in and through these circumstances! The prophet Isaiah assures us with the mighty word of God:

“Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

The gates of hell will not prevail against Christ’s church! Rely on God’s strength during this challenging time!

In Christ’s Love,

Your Board of Elders and Pastors    


Patrick Hauser and Eric Clausen, Pastors

Christ Lutheran Church and School

Brea, CA



Letter from our Pastor